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How much does a prefab house cost per level and how long does it usually take to build?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-25

How much does it take to build a prefab house?

The overall construction process of the general prefab house is generally divided into three parts, namely the prefabricated house 'construction preparation stage', 'construction stage', 'handover and acceptance stage' .

In the preparation stage, the materials, venues, personnel, equipment, etc. required for the activity room are mainly implemented. It is convenient to complete the progress efficiently and quickly during construction. The construction stage is mainly composed of the inspection of materials and equipment, progress control, quality control, and contract visa issues, as well as the progress of payment, which also constitutes the construction stage of the prefab. The final acceptance check is handed over to the owner for acceptance after the completion of the prefabricated house project, to check whether the requirements of the contract are met, and so on.

How much does a prefab house cost per level? Combining the above issues, we can also look at the area of u200bu200bthe prefab house, whether it is one floor or two floors, the construction site and other factors. The exact time can be calculated only by combination, so the question of time will be discussed here in a few days.

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