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How much is the color steel prefab house per square meter

by:Lida Group     2022-02-24
Color steel prefab house is a new type of environmental protection building made of color steel plate as the main material. The light steel structure is used as the main frame, the color steel sandwich panel is used as the enclosure material, and bolted components are used for connection. The installation and disassembly are convenient and fast, economical and practical, and can meet the needs of various temporary housing. So how much is the color steel prefab house per square meter?

One, how much is a square meter of color steel prefab house?

1. The price of the prefab house is calculated according to the area of u200bu200bthe prefab house. For example, if you want to build a prefab house of 300 square meters, if each square is 300 yuan, the total price you need to build is 90,000 yuan;

2. The prefab house is usually 190-220 yuan per square meter for all the prefabricated houses assembled with color steel plates, and the light steel prefab house with skeleton and double slope roof is usually 235-280 yuan per square meter, and the luxurious flat-top prefabricated house Usually 380-450 yuan per square meter. In general face 3, color steel prefab houses can be divided into K-type rooms and customized rooms. K-type rooms have a fixed modulus, which may not be suitable for special sizes. The price is about 280-350 yuan per square meter, which is mainly used in temporary dormitories on the construction site. The custom house is customized according to the required building area and height, and then on-site welding and installation, including civil works and doors and windows, is about 350 yuan per square meter, which is slightly more expensive than the K-type house, but the appearance effect of the custom house Would be much better than a K-style room.

Second, what are the types of color steel prefab houses?

1. Hoisting prefab house: After one assembly, it can be hoisted several times as a whole, and its structural performance is relatively stable. It is an ideal choice for units that move frequently, and this is also the most basic mode of RV;< /p>2, Assembled prefab house: there is no skeleton or a few skeletons are welded on site, and then the maintenance structure and color steel composite panels are fixed to the structure. It is characterized by being economical and practical, flexible in movement, and capable of being used repeatedly; It is made inside the reserved slot.

The above is the specific introduction about the price and types of color steel prefabricated houses. You can refer to it. If you have any questions or needs about color steel prefabricated houses, please feel free to consult the editor, we will With our rich production experience, we can provide you with satisfactory solutions. Thank you all for your support.

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