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How much is the price of installing a prefab house per square meter to make it more secure

by:Lida Group     2022-02-28

How much does it cost to install a prefabricated house per square meter to make it more solid?

1. Fire resistance: The fire separation distance should meet the design and specification requirements, and the fire passage should be unobstructed; the configuration of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers should meet the design requirements, and the layout should be reasonable; The index is not less than 32, and combustible materials such as wood floors should be treated with fire prevention.

Second, the prefabricated house should be installed smoothly, the cornice should be straight, and the overlapping direction of the board should be correct and consistent.

3. PVC pipes (slots) should be used for the electrical wiring in the movable board room, and the wiring is neat and beautiful; the electrical configuration meets the design requirements; .

Fourth, the prefab house enclosure panels (roof and wall panels) should be free from obvious deformation and damage; fixing bolts, waterproof washers, Metal washers, nylon sleeves, etc. are complete, and the connection is reliable; the sealant is complete and effective. How much is the price per square meter of the prefab house.

Five, lightning protection: lightning protection grounding settings meet the design and specification requirements; the grounding resistance should be qualified.

Six, anti-corrosion: steel components should be painted in good condition, without rust, and exposed bolts should be properly protected; anti-corrosion measures in strong corrosive environments meet the design requirements; the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe movable room should be drained smoothly , No standing water, no sundries are allowed.

Seven, the installation of the attached wall panel should be correct and the surface should be flat; Lap down, and the lap length is not less than 15mm. How much is the price of a square meter.

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