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How old container is converted into a container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
How old container is converted into container house

container activity room environment is more and more safe and comfortable, complete living facilities become more and more. With the increase in the use of container house in the use of government regulation there are still many blind spots.

here's look at how these old container into a trailer.

general modified waste container can be divided into three steps, first of all need to open the door laid the thermal insulation layer, the second do body antirust treatment processing, after the paint and laid floor. Most of these containers to separate into two and a half, and opened the window with glass, buyers need to buy some furniture can be checked in. In addition can also be converted into the container, office, the workers' dormitories, in addition to the dormitory, there are many special buyers request works put the box into a store or office. Method above is container converted into residential type, you can see is simple can put an abandoned tools to good use, simple easy to use and save worry.

second-hand container modification methods, as long as according to the above method can obtain better effect, overall, container or there are many ways to follow, reasonable use can bring great convenience. Only in this way can the steel resources of our country is more effective to be used, to conform to the sustainable development strategy in our country.

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