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How to assure the quality of container trailer in Beijing

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
How to assure the quality of the container trailer

live container trailer frame is welded together, welding character directly influences the stable level of the building, welding character building solid and durable, the character of welding bad housing easily damaged, and even affect the safety of people. Material if no achievement, is the work of the above results, such as welding, sealing is the achievement of key deposit as soon as possible. The sandwich board, nominal thickness wants enough, to average nominal coating, anti-corrosion, rust good consequences, core material of fire prevention, heat preservation is better consequences. Again, steel work better, means less than all cause stress is not average, influence to container trailer character.

in the name of the second steel painting to average, good have the influence of anticorrosion. A couplet, the thickness of the steel to be appropriate, means not too thin, too thin to make people come to live the container trailer structure is not strong, also means less than too thick, too thick prices are very expensive, exceed customer estimate.

lives of container house seal is also a need to save the bias as soon as possible, not easy to leak sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation consequences also is very poor, so much the container quiet sex is very poor. This is living how many container trailer moral need to save the place as soon as possible, is a living person container to save production place as soon as possible, ready to these, the container trailer character is guaranteed.
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