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How to build the prefab house in order to be stronger

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20
Those who work hard are called dreams, and those who do not work hard are dreams. The hard work you put in is the clearest time in your life. Hello everyone, have you traveled recently? Be sure to pay attention to travel safety and personal protection while playing. Don't lax your personal protection just because you're having fun for a while. Next, I will introduce to you how to build a prefab house in order to be more solid.

The prefab house can be disassembled at will, easy to transport and easy to move. The prefab house is suitable for being located on hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts, riversides, and does not take up space. The activity room is hygienic and clean, with complete indoor facilities, strong stability and durability, beautiful appearance, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike traditional houses, which require building materials such as cement, bricks, and tiles, prefabricated houses can be assembled directly by using prefabricated house modules, which saves many building materials and saves costs. It takes 10 times as much time to build a 100-square-meter house using the traditional method as a prefab house, saving materials and shortening the construction time, which are the significant advantages of a prefab house as a temporary residence. Prefabricated house _ prefabricated house construction requirements: 1) Steel structure, the installation position of each component of the prefabricated house should meet the design requirements. On-site welding parts should be accurate, and there should be no false welding or missing welding. 2) Fasteners, fasteners shall comply with the provisions of GB5782, and bolts shall be in accordance with the design requirements. Install in the correct position and pad the gasket well. The connecting bolts between the components should be tightened. 3) For paint, after on-site welding and transportation, a layer of anti-rust paint should be repainted where the primer of the movable board room is peeled off, and a second layer of topcoat should be applied to the exposed parts of the components. The paint must not have leakage, peeling, hanging paint and rust. 4) For the wall body, the sandwich color steel plate and the wall surface should be corrected according to the layout plan. The corners and outside corners of the umbrella wall should be sealed with angle aluminum. The connection between the plates should be made of I-shaped aluminum. , the caulking depth is consistent, neat and clean. The top and bottom of the rivets should be consistent, and there should be no staggered, and self-tapping bolts should be used for necessary parts. Indicate the position of doors and windows according to the design drawings, cut out the position of the door and window holes with a cutting machine, install the windows and doors according to the positions of the door and window holes, the windows are plastic steel windows, the doors are the cut sandwich color steel doors, and the bottom ceiling is made of PVC gussets. .

The above content in this article is the general introduction of the editor about how to build the prefab house in order to be more solid. If you have other questions, you can leave a message in the comment area below method, or contact us through the contact information below. I hope you can gain more or less from the article of the editor, thank you for reading.

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