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How to choose a steel structure manufacturer

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03

How to choose a steel structure manufacturer

In the face of many building steel structure manufacturers, how should we investigate when choosing a manufacturer? .

Look at the equipment flow of the steel structure production line, blanking, spot fixing, welding, rust removal, painting, and other processes. To check the daily output and the situation of machinery and equipment, it is mainly to see the welding seam of the steel components and the quality of the painting process.

In fact, there are not many equipments with first-class qualifications for steel structure processing. It mainly depends on product quality and output. These two items will affect the installation progress of the project.

Qualification review is conducted first. Generally speaking, enterprises with higher qualifications have better management, quality and reputation. Then go to the processing factory to inspect. For laymen, you can visit the factory appearance and listen to the introduction. If the factory area is clean and hygienic, and all kinds of materials and equipment are arranged in an orderly manner, the enterprise management is very good. The production quality of this unit should be guaranteed by steel structure manufacturers.

Then go to the construction site of the company to inspect, mainly to observe whether the beam and column joint areas of the site are connected correctly, and whether the paint is in good condition, and at the same time, the relevant site supervision, the owner's opinions Also worthy of reference.

Steel structure manufacturers choose large enterprises that integrate production and installation for engineering construction. The price may be slightly more expensive, but it can reduce many problems and reduce the risk of owners and general contractors. At the same time, the quality and progress will be guaranteed. However, it should also be noted here that some relatively influential units are still implementing the construction site construction outsourcing management mode, which will lead to a sharp increase in the quality risk of the site construction progress.

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