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How to choose a suitable prefab house according to different needs

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

In today's fast-developing economy, people's needs are slowly diversifying, hoping to achieve consumer satisfaction, people are also constantly innovating and transforming to achieve Certain standards, of course, prefab houses are becoming more and more unique and beautiful, such as villa type, factory type, dormitory type and other styles. If you build a color steel prefab house with high privacy requirements and low economic level because of the small housing area, in order to expand the living space, you can choose insulation board roof, plastic steel windows and insulation walls as peripheral maintenance products. Although this type of product is not strictly a sun room, it is cheap, economical and practical. Good lighting and ventilation. If the skylight is added, it will be greatly improved. If you build a prefab house with color steel plates mainly for growing flowers and grass in winter, it is required that the prefab house with color steel plates has better ventilation and proper sunshine. Board activity room. The price of this kind of prefab house is lower, but the indoor temperature is higher in summer, and the sunshade is required. If your housing area is large, especially in villa buildings, your prefab house is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, and flower gardening. This kind of prefab house will not have the problem of good lighting in thermal insulation board prefab house and high indoor temperature in summer in fixed roof type prefab house. If it is a color steel prefabricated house that requires traditional architectural functions, it is advisable to choose a tempered insulating glass roof, equipped with a suitable amount of special insulating glass skylights, and use broken bridge aluminum insulating glass windows or aluminum-wood composite insulating glass windows for peripheral maintenance products. Special sunshades, awnings, invisible screens and other products are also required when in use. It can be said that the prefab house is also constantly innovating along with the changes in people's lives, and the functions it has endowed are gradually becoming complete. His collocation is also more humanized. In terms of demand, it is more satisfied.

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