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How to choose lifting equipment for steel structure engineering? Steel structure workshop price

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

How to choose lifting equipment for steel structure engineering? Price of steel structure workshop

When installing a steel structure project, the main frame or large steel components can only be installed with lifting equipment. When choosing lifting equipment, the tonnage and shape of steel components, as well as the type of lifting equipment and the price of the steel structure workshop with bearing capacity should be considered.

1. Determine the number of cranes: The number of cranes required is determined according to the engineering volume, construction period, and the output quota of the cranes. In addition, when determining the number of cranes, the price of the steel structure workshop should also be taken into account for the workload of component loading and unloading, assembly and discharge.

2. Choose the type of hoisting equipment for the price of the steel structure workshop: the type of hoisting machine used for the installation of the steel structure is mainly based on the span of the steel structure project, the weight of the components, and the installation height As well as the construction site conditions and local existing lifting equipment, etc. are determined. Generally, it is more reasonable to use self-propelled cranes for small and medium-sized steel structure projects. When the height and span of the steel structure project are large, a tower crane can be used to install the roof structure. Where there is a lack of self-propelled cranes, mast cranes etc. can be used for installation. Large-span heavy-duty steel structure projects often need to be combined with equipment installation and consider the installation of structural components. The selected crane must not only install the load-bearing structure of the steel structure project but also complete the installation of equipment, so large self-propelled cranes, Heavy-duty tower cranes, large towed mast cranes, etc. For heavy components, when one crane cannot be lifted, two cranes can also be used for lifting.

3. Selection of crane model and boom length: After the type of crane is determined, it is necessary to further select the type of crane and the length of the boom. The three working parameters of the selected hoist: lifting weight, lifting height, and lifting radius should meet the requirements of hoisting structural parts of steel structure engineering.

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