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How to choose the appropriate prefabricated houses according to the demand of the different

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
In today's rapid economic development, the diversification of the demand of people also slowly, wish can achieve the satisfaction of consumer, people also in constant innovation, constant modifications to reach a certain standard, removable houses is becoming more and more unique and beautiful, of course, if there is a villa type, plant type, dormitory type and so on various collar style. If you because of the housing area is small, to expand the living space, build choi steel trailer privacy requirement of the high economic level is low, can choose insulation board roof, model steel window with insulation wall surrounding maintenance products. This kind of product is not strictly a sun room, but the price is low, the economical and practical. Good good daylighting, ventilated. Such as add blank will be improved substantially. If you build choi steel structure building mainly to winter gardening, requires that choi steel trailer has good ventilation, proper sunshine, appropriate chooses peripheral maintenance model steel window, glass roof and has large skylight color plate trailer. This kind of mobile home prices lower, but the indoor temperature in summer is higher configuration sunshade shade. If your housing area is larger, especially villa construction, your color plate trailer is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flowers, etc. , should choose the roof can be moved to open the whole mobile color plate trailer. Such trailer will not have insulation board class mobile lighting good, fixed daylighting top class trailer the problem of high indoor temperature in summer. If it is need to traditional architectural features of choi steel trailer, appropriate choice of toughened hollow glass roof, with a moderate amount of special hollow glass skylights, broken bridge aluminum hollow glass or aluminum wood composite hollow glass Windows for peripheral maintenance products. When use will need to be equipped with special shade curtain, awnings, invisible screen window, and other products. Trailer, as it were, is also with the change of the people's life, and in constant innovation, he has given complete function also in slowly. The collocation of his are more tend to humanization. On demand is meet.
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