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How to correctly use the container to ensure life? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13
Container appearance, performance, manufacturing all let a person feel the three aspects of the advantage of the container, the material quality of container for its long life, but if the wrong use of container, shorten could lead to a container. How to correctly use the container to ensure life? A watch fire accident on building construction, fire prevention is not a novel, some of the container house material for foam choi steel, are very easy to cause fire accident, which container manufacturer in the process of application of the container must pay attention to fire safety, had better not in arc welding work surrounding the wall; In the application of heating furnace must establish good will fire safety equipment; Best not to need to carry out the moistureproof work burner is put on the container room. Second, do a good job than the road fixed the whole steel structure architecture, the deadweight of containers may be lighter, on the strength of the large wind speed may have certain deficiencies, if suffering from high level windy blown open easily, thus in container manufacturers recommended in application of container should be at the bottom of the reinforcement structure, especially in is in some coastal cities often have a big wind temperature, more handle structure reinforcement device, the bottom of the container to be unexpected windy devastated. Three, it is strictly prohibited to multilayer ShuZhi according to container manufacturer, many of the construction site will often set into multi-layer container, will be three containers stacked together, in fact the more efficient use of adverse container nor a proper application container, because the color to be mild container stack together will have greater security risks, more not use settled society, thus guys to it is strictly prohibited in the process of application of container stacked.
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