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How to deal with the foundation of steel structure prefab house? The following points should not be ignored

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Steel structure prefab house is the most widely used temporary housing building at present. Although the main frame of prefab house is steel structure, its foundation is not. Most of the foundation is concrete structure. The hardness of the foundation has certain requirements. The hardness of the foundation determines whether special treatment is required. Laying a good foundation is very important for the project.

1. First of all, the hardness test should be carried out. The hardness of the special terrain and the foundation has a big difference for the construction of the mobile house. Special treatment should be made to ensure that the steel structure prefab house can be installed smoothly. To ensure its quality, technicians should take measurements in advance.

2. After the measurement of the foundation is completed, the next step is to pour the foundation. At this time, the key point is that the level must be measured first. After the pouring is completed, the error of the level should be controlled within 10mm. It is necessary to ensure that the level of the base surface is within the error, so as not to affect the subsequent work process.

3. Concrete label, under normal circumstances, the foundation is c20 and there is no reinforcement in it. Of course, under special terrain or other irresistible conditions, the final plan should be determined according to the determination of the technician.

4. The pouring time is the same as the conventional concrete pouring process. The steel structure prefab house also cannot reduce the process procedures. After the foundation is poured or before the prefab house is installed, sufficient time should be left for the concrete to reach Hardness requirements.

5. The final pouring, when making the foundation, must be poured together with the indoor ground, and the level is the same as the foundation, which can ensure the installation period, quality and aesthetics after installation. After the prefab house is installed, the floor is laid indoors, which is convenient and tidy.

In addition, the level of the indoor floor should be 50mm higher than the base level to ensure that rainwater will not flow into the room and to ensure the firmness of the floor ring beam.

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