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How to deal with the waterproof problem of the packing box

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03
It's a new day. I have to cheer for my life. I also work hard every day to make myself full of energy every day. It is also a day to cheer for my dreams and make my daily life more meaningful. Join me now Let's take a look at sharing how to deal with the waterproof problem of packaging boxes. Let's take a look at it with you now.

Waterproofing membrane

After cleaning the base, brush the adhesive glue on the reverse side of the coil and the base, paste and roll it from far to near according to the elastic reference line, and then close it. seam inspection. After completion, do the water storage experiment. According to the different environmental climate of the project site, the packaging box manufacturers will have some differences in the thermal insulation materials used for thermal insulation. The wall/ceiling of the packing box house is generally decorated with European-style pine board, gypsum board, cement fiber board, polymer assembly board, aluminum alloy carved board, anti-corrosion wood, etc.

Waterproof coating

Take 'one cloth and two coats' as an example: after the base layer is cleaned, brush the paint once, after drying to form a film, lay a layer of glass fiber cloth matrix reinforcement, brush on the flat surface A layer of paint is fixed. After drying, the editor reminds the next step of roof waterproofing construction. The interior of the packing box is sprayed with polyurethane foam, and the glass rock wool board is installed to prevent moisture, corrosion, heat and sound insulation.

Laying a rigid waterproof layer

The construction of a flexible waterproof layer is carried out about two days after the completion of the construction, mainly using fatty acid mortar waterproofing agent, cement, sand, fine stone aggregate, and fiber as the basic materials. The thickness of the waterproof layer is Packaging box manufacturers.

It is known that some houses with higher floors of packing boxes can also be equipped with multi-layer color steel plates or aluminum plates to achieve the effect of windproof and waterproof. The specific external waterproof method should be determined according to the structural keel installed on the top, but most manufacturers will apply glue on the outside of each protective layer, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and avoid water leakage.

The prefabricated packing box room is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner columns and several interchangeable wall panels. It adopts the modular concept and production technology to modularize a packing box into standardized components, which can be The site can then be assembled and hoisted on site.

The packing box has a simple structure and is easy to install. The completion of the packing box requires a perfect production process, including cutting, stamping, partial assembly, assembly, welding, grinding, painting and aesthetic assembly. Every process is important.

In this issue, the editor mainly explains how to deal with the waterproof problem of packing boxes. Do you all understand? If you have anything else you want to know, you can tell the editor. After the editor has sorted out the news, I will meet you in the next news. At the end of this issue, I will say goodbye to everyone.

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