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How to design a container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
How to design a container house

container house, again, is a kind of fashion trends and building system impact, can be moved to the country, anytime and anywhere to bring people a more convenient and comfortable life. By solar photovoltaic panels for indoor use electricity, solar energy water heater heating, water supply, indoor shower, purifies water discharge from the sewage treatment system, in order to use again. According to the number of personnel is different, can produce different sizes of container house. According to my understanding of this kind of house, I think of how to design a container house, we must first to sort of this kind of house, to see what it does use, so that we can solve the problem of how to design. From the aspects of purpose, with the development of construction industry, the container house has experienced three development stages, the first is the transportation of container, the house at the beginning of this kind of pure iron type is used at the dock or GangTou use goods, the second is the precursor of the container house, is our common at the site of prefabricated houses, most of them are used for workers accommodation; Third is now our heaven and earth caigang with metal or stainless steel and color steel sandwich panel of container house, this kind of house can be used for accommodation, office, warehouse, military camps, all kinds of store, can also be multiple container trailer design fold up into different shapes of villa, appearance also can change, what do you want is what. Then we can container houses around the three levels of development, to discuss how to design a container houses. Is usually used to live people is more, so we must first consider is safety, suzhou tiandi color steel container houses are built on the basis of the original shipping containers and caigang sandwich board and repurposed, caigang sandwich board has very good heat preservation effect in winter and refractory level is very high, it is very safe and reliable, avoids the original simple prefabricated housing fire accident; In the way of the container house location problem, due to the convenient mobile characteristics, so its liquidity is bigger, so the structure to consider whether to withstand often move; Again to talk about how to design the appearance, the style of the ordinary commercial housing is a single, only by the developers to design, once finalize the design will not be able to change, but that container house is personal, can be arbitrarily according to his be fond of painting, can do it very different. Don't like also can draw again. All of these are basic things, in fact the price also is closely related with the design. Why do you say that, if willing to pay big money, our designers can design more reasonable and beautiful, the house in order to meet the needs more luxurious commercial life. , for example, if is the house in which ordinary workers accommodation requirements is not high, basic simple design into that kind of easy removable houses a bit more advanced than, as long as is to be able to meet the basic life need, but if you want to achieve that kind of luxury accommodation required, the modelling is not only the house we looked and inside and outside decoration materials are excellent, and internal furniture will find everything new and fresh, unique, which requires the designers spent a lot of brain cells, as well as novel innovation and convenience of home life, this design of container house is a villa, but is more personalized than ordinary commercial housing. We'll focus on a group of foreign news, by the New York 'floor guest ( 很多, ek) 'Combination' household design company developed manufacturing unit 'is a 40 ft container. The whole unit using renewable building materials industry. This is specifically for design houses, like to travel around the world lovers master traveling in the car drive, 'room' facilities can be contracted can also be luxurious, fully in accordance with the requirements for the master creation. In the Netherlands, the container is used to give students build a 1000 - room apartment, the Amsterdam has become a city with the largest container houses in the world. This is a Dutch government involvement in a large project, started in 2006, by the local college student housing difficult problems. Such dormitory not only looks stylish, also provides the dormitory all facilities must be provided by the commonly, roof have collect rainwater drainage, heat dispersion and isolation facilities from soup to nuts. Britain's urban space planning organization to flexible application container as the component of the house, built in 2001, the new 'city' in London docklands - — 'Container city' ( 容器的城市) 。 Because the area of environmental protection material to build housing demand is very urgent, therefore, built in 2002 and is adjacent to a new 'city'. The architect Nicholas rech not constrained by a single container will be completed a single is a concept of the building. With your colleagues in the bold innovation, has more practical value will container flexible combination built the life and work of the new place.

for the house, in addition to the premise of guarantee the quality and safety, beautiful and novel is very important, for the building designer, how to design a container houses, they need to continue to thinking and innovation, personalized house will be visible to the people all over the world, this also is their greatness.
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