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How to effectively prevent the secondary container rust corrosion problem

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
How to effectively prevent the secondary container rust corrosion problem

second-hand container as an iron goods, rust corrosion is inevitable, so what are the causes of second-hand container rust? How do we prevent second-hand container rust corrosion?

a, sealing peripheral wall, long-term well-known steel kind of material to be exposed to damp the outdoor environment condition of rusty phenomenon, appear easily and containers made of light steel structure building in use process is easy to appear this problem. So if you want to avoid the corrosion by harmful substances from the source, the investors can take the way of sealing outer wall to avoid moist air into the indoor outdoor.

2, with the aid of to moistureproof products, there are a lot of social groups in to long distance are more willing to choose the container hotel, frequent dense traffic actually can also cause the container hotel internal moisture accumulation. At this point the user will need to use some products have moistureproof effect, such as inside the container hotel post can moisture-proof insulation cotton to keep moist air invasion.

three, on the wall for maintenance regularly, rust can be said to be the key factors influencing the service life of the container house, users even operation according to the above two measures can absolutely avoid container hotel rust. If found the container wall or rusty phenomenon in a main frame, the user should be timely to paint derusting and maintenance.

chemical corrosion prevention method is very simple, as long as the nature of select excellent antirust paint on the surface of the container, can greatly alleviate the container surface corrosion phenomenon. But most of rust process of container, is caused by the electrochemical corrosion, the corrosion is different from the chemical etching as well for prevention. Container in transit once appear, knock against wear, electrochemical corrosion will have strong corrosion ability, severe damage to the secondary container.

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