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How to extend the life of a container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-11

How to extend the service life of the container house:

1. The steel layout of the container is connected to the whole building. The user installs electric lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly tied to the steel layout. Trough blocking device to prevent electric shock.

2. After the container is in good condition, the user shall not change the layout privately, shall not disassemble any bolt components, and shall not add or reduce partition walls.

3. The prefab house is mainly composed of steel components, so it is necessary to regularly perform necessary protection tasks such as rust removal, painting, and innovation. Generally, the paint should be protected once in 1-2 years, so that it can remain beautiful and make the movable room colorful.

4. Every time you leave the house, you must cut off all the power sources to prevent accidental attacks, and do not use high-power electrical appliances or illegal electrical appliances.

5. Please do not use open flame stoves and high-power electrical appliances in the prefab room.

6. Please do not run upstairs, run, jump, and do not push or pull hard when using doors and windows.

What protection should be paid attention to when the container house is not used:

When the container is not in use, what aspects should be paid attention to in order to maximize the use of the container house for a long time? First of all, the sun protection of container houses is actually the biggest source of damage. Direct sunlight on any object every day can cause damage to the object. Container houses are no exception, so when storing container houses, be sure to pay attention to the shade. Similarly, when it rains, you must also take rainproof measures. Similarly, water is also the most likely to cause corrosion of container houses.

Protection of container houses during transportation:

In the use of container houses, it is mainly afraid that obstacles will be encountered during transportation, and the protective layer on the surface of container houses will be scratched. It is easy to be eroded, reducing the overall service life of the container house. Therefore, some obstacles that may collide must be avoided during transportation.

Protection of container houses in use:

In the use of container houses, measures such as fire prevention, anti-corrosion and waterproofing should be taken.

Fire is a common occurrence on the current construction site. If the container house you use is made of foam color steel plate, you must pay more attention to fire prevention.

The above is the specific content of how to extend the service life of container houses. For more exciting content, please pay attention to us.

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