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How to identify the quality of container prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03

How to identify the quality of container prefab house?

The main material of the container prefab is the channel steel for making the frame of the wall and ceiling and the sandwich panel. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of the container mobile house. The difference of channel steel is mainly manifested in the difference of channel steel thickness. Although the surface difference is not large, the thickness of the channel steel is different, and the bearing capacity of the container is also different. Some containers can be stacked in three layers and can withstand greater pressure. Some people can only stack two containers and cannot withstand the pressure of three-layer containers.

The thickness of the channel steel is not enough, it is easy to bend under pressure, and the resident container is deformed, which affects the service life. This kind of container movable room does not see any changes in a short period of time, but after a long time, problems such as deformation and collapse are prone to occur, which may endanger the safety of the personnel in the container movable room. Therefore, the channel selection in the container prefab has certain specifications, not because of cost savings but lower than standard channel data, so it is prone to problems.

In the resident container prefab with white top white box and iron top white box, the color steel sandwich panel directly affects the service life of the container. At present, the data of color steel sandwich panels on the market are quite different. Some of them are used in movable container rooms, and some are used in movable board rooms. For different colors of steel plates, the thickness of the steel plates is different. If the movable room of the color steel sandwich panel is used in the above-mentioned container, the steel sandwich panel may appear a series of scattered, rusted and other phenomena after a few months, and there will be damage in the container. Therefore, special steel sandwich panels must be used to live in the container to live in the container, and this effect lives in the service life of the container.

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