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How to identify the quality of container prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-12

The main materials of the container prefab are the channel steel for the frame and the sandwich panel for the wall ceiling. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of the container prefab. The difference in channel steel is mainly reflected in the difference in the thickness of the channel steel. Although the surface of the residential containers sold by some manufacturers is not very different, the thickness of the channel steel is different, and the resulting residential containers have different tolerances. Some residential containers can be stacked three layers and can withstand greater pressure, while some residential containers can only be stacked two layers and cannot withstand the pressure caused by stacking three layers.

The thickness of the channel steel is not enough, it is easy to bend when under pressure, and the living container is deformed, which affects the service life. This kind of container prefab can not see changes in a short time, but after a long time, it is easy to show problems such as deformation and collapse, which may endanger the safety of people in the container prefab. Therefore, the selection of channel steel for residential containers has certain standards, and it is not possible to use channel steel materials below the standard because of cost saving, which is easy to cause problems.

Regarding the type of residential containers with white top and white box, the quality of the color steel sandwich panel directly affects the service life of the residential container. At present, the materials of color steel sandwich panels on the market are mixed. Some are used in container prefab houses, and some are used in prefab houses. The thickness of color steel sandwich panels used for different purposes varies greatly. If the color steel sandwich panel used in the prefab house is used on the residential container, the color steel sandwich panel may have a series of problems such as falling steel plate and rust after a few months, and the residential container will be damaged. Therefore, the residential container must use the color steel sandwich panel specially used for the residential container. The new polyurethane thermal insulation sandwich panel produced by Henan Ten Thousand Rooms is most suitable for the container house. Steel sandwich panel, which affects the service life of the living container.

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