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How to install road construction fence

by:Lida Group     2022-03-06

How to install the road construction fence specifically?

The road traffic flow is large, the speed is fast, and the instantaneous wind force is 5-8. The fence device on the emergency road of the expressway The quality of the device is also required; due to the effect of the vacuum stress caused by the high-speed passing of the vehicle, the huge wind pressure will push the enclosure away first, and then the resulting vacuum negative pressure will directly pull it towards the forward direction of the vehicle, which will cause damage to the enclosure during high-level construction. In an irreparable state, all installations should pay attention to the price per square meter of the construction site enclosure.

Construction site fence price per square meter Installation of construction fence should pay attention to the following matters: There are three roads on ordinary national and provincial roads: 120 kilometers for overtaking lanes and 100 kilometers for driving lanes and emergency road. When installing a fence, try to place the fence close to the anti-collision guardrail and away from the high-speed cars; the conical bucket of the price per square meter of the fence on the construction site is placed in the middle of the roadway.

The deceleration sign is placed 200 meters in front of the starting point of the enclosure device. After completing the construction safety protection, a reflector should be placed at night. Asphalt pavement is generally thicker, the shrinkage screw should be lengthened first, and the fence support column will not sway after installation. Add diagonal support to the enclosure, construction quality construction site enclosure price per square meter.

The price per square meter of the construction site fence can also be stopped at the same time according to the following: For the speed limit of the driving vehicle, use a conical barrel to keep the driving vehicle away from the fence and shrink it, and use the national standard to thicken it. The iron shrinks to strengthen the pulling force of the shrinkage; the fence support column is tied to the corrugated guardrail with iron wire or the oblique support is fixed on the corrugated guardrail with drill tail screws; the fence beam must be all steel up and down.

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