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How to install steel structure engineering Installation specification for steel structure engineering

by:Lida Group     2022-03-09

How to install the steel structure project The installation specification of the steel structure project

The installation of the steel structure project is necessary to comply with the design scheme and safety It can only play its role and value well when it is used, so I will introduce its installation specifications for you in detail below!

Steel structure engineering is often seen in our life. It is used to build some workshops. After the installation is completed, we must accept it according to the intermediate records. Careful inspection is required to avoid any accident affecting our use in the later stage. Secondly, when using, we must direct the positioning axis of each column from the position of the ground control line, not from the axis position of the lower column. lead up.

The floor elevation of the structure needs to be controlled according to the relative elevation or the designed elevation. For the location selection of the horn, the effective rigidity of the bottom of the column should be guaranteed, and the arrangement of the horn should not cause the column or the base to bear additional loads. After the stiffness unit is installed, it is necessary to conduct secondary pouring operations such as fine stone concrete or grouting material for the gaps in the column bottom plate and the top surface of the foundation in time.

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