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How to maintain the box house?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-02

The box house is durable, but it also needs to be maintained. Its material and surface treatment are determined according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, it has strong resistance to external rays, so under normal circumstances, the color of the surface paint will not fade and discolor after a long time, so there is no need to worry about sun protection. , but it needs to be maintained.

1. Anti-corrosion

Although the external structure of the box-type house is steel structure, it has strong impact resistance, but the biggest fatal point of the steel structure is It is the corrosion of chemical substances, such as common acid and alkali salts, etc., can not be in contact with it, otherwise it will cause overall damage in a short time. If there is contact with acid, alkali and salt substances, it must be wiped with professional cleaning reagents.

2. Preventing structural damage

Most of the box-type houses are integrated structures, only the windows and doors are split-type design, so pay attention to maintenance in special structural parts, and do not use force to pull or forcibly close, etc. , to avoid structural damage, the structural damage repair work of the box-type house is more difficult, and the later repair effect is not as good as the original fast LCL house.

3. Prevent internal mold and dampness

Although the box-type house does have a moisture-proof function, due to differences in regional environments, such as the Sichuan Basin, the humidity is high all year round, and it is also necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof work. If the moisture returns, its service life will be greatly reduced. Once the moisture returns and moldy, it will cause damage to the wall of the prefab house.

In addition, the box house should also pay attention to frequent dust removal work to avoid the formation of chemical corrosion groups after dust accumulation. The prefabricated house should be systematically maintained every other month or so. When purchasing a box-type house in the early stage, you should also pay attention to its external materials and construction technology. You can also consider the maintenance work in advance to make the later maintenance more efficient. Simple.

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