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How to maintain the prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-12

Nowadays, prefabricated houses are generally installed on construction sites to provide temporary housing for workers. However, construction on the building site will not end anytime soon. Workers still need to repair prefab homes. How to maintain the prefab house? Let us take you to find out.

1. Anti-rust: The movable panel house adopts light steel structure, and the frame and movable panel surface will inevitably rust under long-term wind and sun exposure, especially after the rain, the frame will be exposed to water. It is easier to rust when attacked, and anti-rust paint is often added.

2. Avoid heavy pressure: The structure of the prefab house is very different from ours. The outer wall is made of color steel plate. Hammering and heavy pressing are very dangerous to exterior walls. If there are holes in the color steel plate, it should be treated with glass glue in time to prevent moisture and water accumulation.

3. Material selection: When we build prefab houses, don't look at cheap prices. The materials should also meet the standards, such as skeleton 8×C steel 1.5mm, roof secondary beam 1.5mm, roof purlin l40-1.5mm, etc. High-quality materials are more durable.

4. Prohibition of unauthorized modification: The prefab house is connected by steel structure nuts, and the whole house is a whole. If you need to modify the layout, please contact the manufacturer of the fabricated home.

5. Regularly clean up the small advertisements on the movable board to keep the appearance of the movable board beautiful.

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