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How to make a living of container trailer to become more comfortable

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
How to make a living of container trailer to become more comfortable?

how to make a living of container house to become more comfortable with the rapid development of construction industry, is a new definition for the function of the container, it will no longer make cargo box, but became available for the house we live in. So how to make container trailer to become more comfortable? Small make up today to explain the knowledge of the container house for you?

want to create a good environment, it shall require the container trailer size into consideration, the housing area is larger, especially in the villa type building, you is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flowers, etc. , should choose the roof can be moved to open the whole mobile color plate trailer. This trailer will not have a class insulation board color plate trailer poor lighting, fixed daylighting top class mobile high indoor temperature in summer. You because the housing area is small, to expand the living space, to build mobile privacy requirement of the high economic level is low, can choose insulation board roof, model steel window with insulation wall surrounding maintenance products. This kind of product is not strictly a live one container, but the price is low, the economical and practical. The disadvantage is that poor lighting and ventilation. Such as add blank will be improved substantially.

if it is need to traditional architectural features, Features such as sitting room, study, activity room, etc. ) Galvanized container trailer, appropriate choice of toughened hollow glass roof, with a moderate amount of special hollow glass skylights, broken bridge aluminum hollow glass or aluminum wood composite hollow glass Windows for peripheral maintenance products. When use will need to be equipped with special shade curtain, awnings, invisible screen window, and other products. You build caigang mobile home gardening, mainly for winter requires container trailer has good size measurement, the appropriate sunshine, appropriate chooses peripheral maintenance model steel window, glass roof and has large skylight color plate trailer. This kind of mobile home prices lower, but the indoor temperature in summer is higher configuration sunshade shade.

those who also lived in for container friend uncomfortable, get hands on your container house is decorated more comfortable. Want to know more about knowledge, consulting container trailer.

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