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How to prepare fire prevention measures when using prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-05-07

Prefab houses have become very popular in recent years. Most construction sites are using them for temporary living for construction workers. How to prepare fire prevention measures when using prefab houses? Let's take a look Find out.

1. Conscientiously implement the fire safety responsibility system, enhance users' fire safety awareness, do a good job in fire safety training, and improve protection awareness.

2. Strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefab houses. It is forbidden to use high-power electrical appliances in the board room. When leaving the room, cut off all power in time. The use of open flames indoors is prohibited. It is forbidden to use prefab house as kitchen, power distribution room and inflammable and explosive warehouse.

3. The layout of the circuit must meet the requirements of the specification. All electrical wiring should be clearly routed and covered with flame retardant tubing. Luminaires should be kept a safe distance from the wall. Lighted fluorescent lamps use an electronic ballast type, and coil inductive ballasts cannot be used. When the wires pass through the wall of the color steel sandwich panel, they must be covered with non-combustible plastic pipes. Each board room must also be equipped with qualified leakage protection equipment and short-circuit overload switches.

4. When the prefab house is used as a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outwards, and the beds should not be placed too densely to ensure safe passage. Equip a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, install indoor fire hydrants, and ensure that the water flow and pressure meet the requirements.

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