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How to prepare fire protection measures when using prefabricated housing? - Prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-19
Prefabricated houses are very popular in recent years, most of the construction site are in use, for construction workers for temporary living, how should the use of prefabricated houses ready to fire prevention measures, let's learn about the. 1, we will diligently follow the accountability system for fire control safety, enhance the user's fire safety consciousness, do a good job in fire safety training work, improve the protection consciousness. ​ 2, strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefabricated houses. Housing is prohibited to use high-power electrical appliances. When you leave the room, should cut off all the power in time. Banned in indoor use open flame. The use of prefabricated houses as the kitchen, transformer room and flammable and explosive warehouse. 3, circuit layout must conform to the specification requirements. All cables shall be equipped with flame retardant tube cover clearly. Lamps and lanterns should keep a safe distance from the wall. With lamp electronic ballasts type, cannot use the coil inductance ballast. When the wire through the caigang sandwich panel wall, must use noncombustible plastic cover. Each of the houses must also be equipped with qualified leakage protection devices and short circuit overload switch. 4, will shack used as dormitory, the doors and Windows should be open to the outside, and the bed cannot place too dense, in order to ensure safe passage. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, installation of indoor fire hydrant, and ensure the water flow and pressure meet the requirements. If you want to learn more on prefabricated house information, welcome to our website to understand: http://www.
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