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How to prepare for the fire protection measures when using prefabricated houses -

by:Lida Group     2020-10-14
Along with the development of the era, many of the things around us are gradually improve their functions, and their own role, make oneself of the development and evolution is better, our guangzhou prefabricated house is the same, so in the use of prefabricated house how to prepare for the fire protection measures? First, we will diligently follow the accountability system for fire control safety, enhance the user's fire safety consciousness, do a good job in fire safety training work, improve the protection consciousness. Second, strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefabricated houses. Prohibit use high-power electrical appliances in the conference room. When you leave the room, should cut off all the power in time. Banned in indoor use open flame. The use of mobile board room as the kitchen, flammability and explosive of the transformer room and warehouse. Third, the layout of the circuit must conform to the specification requirements. All electrical wiring should be laid out, and cover flame retardant pipes. Lamps and lanterns should keep a safe distance to the wall. With lamp fluorescent electronic ballasts, the coil inductance ballast can't use. When the wire through the color steel sandwich panel wall, must be covered with a non combustible plastic tubing. Each room is the leakage protection devices must also be equipped with qualified and short circuit overload switch. When four or meeting room will be used for the dormitory, should to open the doors and Windows, lathe bed not too close, in order to ensure safe passage. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, indoor fire hydrant installation, ensure that the water flow and pressure requirements. Above introduction is in the use of prefabricated house how to prepare for the fire prevention measures, we pay more attention to the quality, hope to be able to help you, if you would like to know more information about guangzhou prefabricated houses, you can pay attention to our website to browse!
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