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How to protect the safety of container room rental

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
How to protect the safety of container room rental with the social development, more and more demand for container that? How to protect the safety of container housing rental housing, a container house manufacturers focus on the problem? In order to improve the whole container house steel structure installation accuracy, first choice activity room support, part of the tie bar and roof support for installation first. After this part of the steel column hoisting, should first to retest the axis of the steel column and elevation after rectifying temporarily use cable wind rope brace steel column, to install the column support, roof beam and beam between tie bar, this is the so-called rough installation. Roof beam before the installation, should be assembled on the ground and the measurement of qualified before lifting. After beam in place, with high strength bolt connection, other parts with corresponding bolt, but should not be all kinds of bolt locking. Parts after fixation on steel column axis and elevation again reiteration and rectifying, namely fine-tuning. Direction of the axis of the steel column should be two repetition, repetition measurement of qualified, and, in turn, tighten all parts of the bolt. To early high strength bolts should first twist, in the process of tighten, deal with the axis of the steel column for dynamic tracking, such as axis changes more than permitted, should immediately. The whole process should be tighten beam-column junction, to support, the tie bar contacts, to adopt the method of symmetry on both ends of the same parts at the same time, to reduce the unilateral cumulative error. In this way can we ensure that the steel column installed correctly. If found in the process, the installation and be installed parts don't match, cannot adjust be installed, but adjust the installation or other remedy measures. For example: the steel beams and steel columns do not match, cannot adjust steel column, can only adjust the steel beam. In the process of the whole shelf installation, steel column installed correctly is necessary for all other installed correctly.
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