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How to solve the ventilation and drainage problem of container house quotation

by:Lida Group     2022-02-17

How to solve the ventilation and drainage problems of container house quotations

The usage of container house quotations is increasing, and new problems continue to appear and solve. The problem is the problem that this kind of house needs to solve, and it is also one of the problems that the residents care about. Let me explain to you how to solve these two types of problems.

(1) The solution to the ventilation problem of the container house: open the window of the box or install the exhaust fan, etc.;

(2) The solution to the drainage problem: there is a waterproof floor drain on the container floor;

(3) The strength, stiffness and stability are determined by the container body The steel structure is guaranteed, and this step is guaranteed by the design and manufacture;

(4) The quotation of the container house is not determined by the foundation of the container base, but by the corner pieces of the container base. The line error determines the size of the foundation, and this diagonal error standard box has clear regulations, generally 10mm. If the base is built with the container first, it is the situation you mentioned, which is rare. A single container house is very simple. The container house should be designed to be reasonable, humane, and beautiful. A good container house feels like a hotel, and a bad one is like a garbage station, which is not an exaggeration at all.

Now there are more and more residential containers, but this also makes many people do not know the benefits and uses of residential containers, which makes people uncomfortable. It is a living container, which is a kind of prefab house. This kind of residential container is mainly rented to the workers at the construction site, and there are also some cases of private purchase and rental. The biggest advantage of living in a container is that the price of the container house is cheap.

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