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How to test the paint film of container houses?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-01

When purchasing a container house, what we should pay attention to is the paint film on the outside. The quality of the paint film of the container house will affect its service life, so how to test the paint film? Let's teach you the following.

1. Inspection of the paint film color and appearance

Determination of the color of the paint film of the container house and its Appearance, the visual method should be used to compare the color of the paint film and its appearance with the standard swatches and standard samples for observation and evaluation. Before painting construction, the color of the paint should be inspected. After the paint painted on the test plate is dried, its color should be consistent with the color specified in the design; the inspection is generally compared with the color code of the standard color card; the appearance of the paint film, It should be uniform, dense and full of luster.

2. Paint film flexibility test

is bent on the shaft rod, and is expressed as the diameter of the smaller shaft rod that does not cause damage to the paint film. The flexibility of the paint film is the comprehensive performance of the paint film attached to the substrate after being bent, and it is related to the tensile strength, tensile strength, thickness and adhesion of the paint film.

3. Determination of gloss of paint film

When the surface of the object is irradiated with light, the performance of the light reflecting toward * is the gloss. The glossiness of the sample is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the amount of normal reflection from the surface of the sample to the amount of normal reflection from the surface of the standard sample under the same conditions at a specified angle of incidence.

4. Water resistance test of paint film

The water resistance of paint film refers to the test of immersing the paint film in water or boiling water. It is represented by the change of paint film surface*. Water resistance refers to the change in properties of a paint film through physical and chemical reactions that occur when it is immersed in water. The water resistance of the paint film is an important item to test the quality of the paint, because many paints are used in water, underground or wet conditions for a long time. performance. Even if it is not used in water for a long time, bubbles, loss of gloss, discoloration, etc. are generated, or the paint film can return to its original state after leaving the water, but the quality of the paint film will also be affected, thereby reducing its protective performance.

5. Test of heat resistance of paint film

And after reaching the specified temperature and time, its rational or surface change phenomenon. All kinds of container house coatings have a temperature range of use. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the quality of the paint film. Especially, the coatings used under high temperature conditions should pay attention to testing their heat resistance to prevent them from being used after construction. When layering, bubbling, cracking and discoloration occur, the protective properties of the paint film are lost or reduced.

6. Paint film wear resistance test

The paint film wear resistance of container houses refers to the ability of the paint film to withstand wear and tear. The paint film abrasion tester was used for determination. The measurement is under the load condition of 100%, after the specified number of wear-resistant machine abrasions, it is expressed as the weight loss (g) of the paint film.

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