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How to use the prefab house correctly

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

How should the prefab house be used correctly

The use and maintenance of color steel houses and mobile phones require consideration of the use of functions, natural environment, and economic factors. To meet the functional requirements, choose different trailer types according to different usage functions. If the living space is enlarged due to the small area of u200bu200bthe community, the privacy requirements of the activity room are higher, and the economic level is lower, the prefab house can choose the thermal insulation board roof.

Plastic steel doors and windows and thermal insulation walls for peripheral maintenance products. While this product isn't technically a sunroom, it's inexpensive and economical. The downside is poor lighting and ventilation. If you add a sunroof, it's a big improvement. If you build a color board activity room mainly for growing flowers and grass in winter, please have better ventilation and appropriate sunshine in the activity room.

Choose steel windows for peripheral maintenance, glass roofs, and open large-area color board activity rooms. The price of this kind of activity room is low, but the indoor temperature is higher in summer, and sun shades need to be configured. If your housing area is large, especially for villa construction, your color pallet trailer is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flowers, etc., you should choose a removable roof to open the entire mobile color pallet trailer.

This kind of activity room will not have the problem of indoor temperature in the summer room of activity room activity room. If it is a color board trailer that requires traditional architectural functions (such as: living room, characteristic study, activity room, etc.), a suitable choice for tempered insulating glass roof, use appropriate amount of special insulating glass skylight, broken bridge aluminum alloy insulating glass or aluminum-wood composite hollow Maintenance product prefab room around the glass window.

When using, it needs to be equipped with special sunshade, sunshade, invisible screen window and other products. For the use and maintenance of the color steel prefab, the user shall not replace the structure without authorization, and shall not remove or reduce the bolt components in the partition wall without authorization. The light steel structure should be kept for 1-2 years to prolong the service life of the product and keep it beautiful.

The overall structure of the steel structure is connected, and the user installs lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly connected to the steel structure, and the conduits or ducts should be installed separately to avoid electric shock. The waterproof and anti-seepage performance of the color steel house is better than that of the high-elastic acrylic waterproof coating and the advanced waterproof and mildew-proof glue prefab house.

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