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How to use the prefab space reasonably?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-01

There are still some differences between prefab houses and traditional houses in size and area. The houses we usually live in can be as big as we want. It is no problem to build seven or eight floors. Of course, the premise is that there are capital. However, the prefab house has specifications, and there are restrictions on the area and size, not as big as you want. So, for some prefab houses with smaller specifications, how should we reasonably use the space of prefab houses? Or even make the interior space appear larger? The following will tell you about the prefab house manufacturers.

The furniture placed in the prefab room should preferably be light and simple, because the furniture generally occupies a lot of space. If we put a lot of bulky furniture indoors, it will give people the feeling of chaos , crowded, cramped. From a visual point of view, we can reasonably use cool colors and white to make the interior bright and spacious. Imagine that the original space is not large. If you add dark-colored decorations, it will only make people feel breathless. In addition, mirrors can give people a good sense of vision, and installing mirrors will make your house feel as spacious as it has added special effects.

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