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Improve the container trailer thermal insulating properties

by:Lida Group     2020-07-12
Improve the container trailer thermal insulating properties

container trailer indoor thermal comfort is people are satisfied with the indoor thermal environment of a kind of subjective feeling. Factors that influence the indoor thermal comfort in addition to the body's metabolism rate, clothing and other subjective factors, mainly including indoor temperature, indoor humidity, air flow rate and thermal radiation, and other indoor objective factors of the environment. Indoor air temperature is the main factors influencing the indoor thermal comfort.

improve the thermal insulation performance of container trailer palisade structure and thermal insulation and air tightness of doors and Windows, can effectively improve the container trailer indoor thermal environment.

container house building maintenance structure refers to the capability of heat preservation in winter indoor and outdoor conditions, the maintenance structure to prevent from indoor to outdoor heat transfer, the ability of keeping indoor appropriate temperature. And palisade structure heat insulation performance is to point to in the case of natural ventilation in summer, retaining structure in integrated outdoor temperature and indoor air temperature fluctuations, make its surface's ability to maintain appropriate temperature.

insulation design of container house palisade structure, want to combine the local climate conditions, the structure of container trailer hot, multimodal transport condition and economic requirements, considering thermal insulation situation, through the calculation of the minimum total thermal resistance, insulation structure and thickness is determined. As far as possible, using the effective thermal insulation material with small coefficient of thermal conductivity, in order to reduce the thickness of the insulation layer, improve the indoor usable floor area. Live one container of thermal insulation materials should be not pollute indoor environment is environmentally friendly materials, namely, do not contain radioactive, cancer and other pollution of the indoor environment of the material.
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