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In one container house stacks into three layers?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-16
In one container house stacks into three layers?

we often see on the site, there are three layers of caigang houses, but due to the weight lighter than the steel structure, in the wind, may be the wind, the possible danger, advice, when using choi steel container should be like structures, caigang room, have a fixed at the bottom of the device.

but for container house, because this kind of body weight in this box room, is not a problem for three stacks, which according to the situation, in some places with more loose soil, we have professionals in survey of local soil, design according to the situation, but the ordinary teu is banned three layer overlay

the following open look for people under the features of container room what are

1. Activity: portable, can be used again.

2。 Quick form: make short time limit, without foundation.

3。 Security: steel bone structure, wind and shock.

4。 Durability: the outer wall of steel, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust no cracks, use fixed number of year in more than 10 years.

5。 Noise insulation: the empty broken thermal design, sound insulation, thermal insulation.

6。 Beautiful sex: can do all sorts of modelling design, outer wall design and color is much, appearance beautiful, beautiful.

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