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In organic farm through second-hand container built hotel and office

by:Lida Group     2020-07-19
In organic farm through second-hand container building hotels and office

Tony's farm is located in a site is located in shenzhen, China. Here, on the farm, a large number of ecological control of fruit and vegetable planting, Tony and distributed by the organic food suppliers. But the farm is not entirely accounted for by farmland. It also includes a very interesting buildings.

is based on the construction of farm playze is a project development. Architects and designers through a very interesting strategy of this project. They built the structure from the recycling container. Although unusual, from recycling containers made of buildings and structures are more common modern architecture. With any material and strategy, in this case, there are advantages and disadvantages. But it is primarily a choice of style.

playze design hotel and office building here. The building was built using 78 recycled shipping containers. As for style and design, architect is a combination of many traditional Chinese concept to their design, even though they are trying to make it as simple as possible the touch of traditional and modern charm.

in the traditional elements in the project use, we can mention the sun protection of outdoor space, creating a smooth and seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. This is a detail on the basis of style, as well as the requirements for building climate. The website is a good choice, not only because of the requirement of the construction, but also because the main function of farm and goals.

this unique contemporary architecture design is mainly to welcome the guests on the farm, but also for meetings and conferences. At present, only the hotel lobby, hotel room will be in the second phase of the project. The guest will be stuck in the electric card, and driven to their hotel room.

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