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Influence of container trailer two stuff with good quality

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
Affect the quality of container trailer good two materials

in view of the influence of container trailer two materials of quality problems, the following answers let small make up for you:

use a container of mobile users, all know container house frame channel steel and the main material is do do wall sandwich board smallpox, these two material of the stand or fall of quality directly affect the quality of container trailer. Today let's say this different materials, they have what kind of impact on container trailer.

we say first channel steel, channel steel differences mainly displays in the channel steel thickness difference, some manufacturer sales live container is on the surface of gap is not big, but the thickness of the steel channel are different, make container tolerance is also different. Channel steel thickness is not enough, to accept pressure easy to bend, live one container deformation, affect the using life. This kind of container house in a short period of time don't see changes, but in the long run easy to present problems, such as deformation, collapsed after may endanger the safety of the people inside the container trailer. Therefore, live one container of channel selection has certain specification, frugal capital but can't because of using the below the specification of channel information, so it is easy to appear problem.

about white top white box and iron roof white box container types of living people, caigang sandwich board is good or bad directly affect the using life of container. Caigang sandwich panel data currently on the market the good and bad are intermingled, some container trailer, some used in prefabricated houses, in the different use of caigang sandwich plate of steel plate thickness difference is very big. Caigang sandwich board if use for prefabricated houses in one container, after a few months caigang sandwich board plate is shattered, rust and a series of problems, may be present in one container damage. Therefore, live one container must use dedicated to one container of caigang sandwich board, by henan must produce a new type of polyurethane insulation sandwich board between the most suitable to container houses, not due to reduce capital and use does not fit the standard caigang sandwich board, such influence to the using life of container.

some of the problems appeared in the place where you can't see, however, once the container trailer structures, use fixed number of year is good for many years, so in the first choice must pay more attention on it.

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