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Installation and safety inspection of container house on construction site

by:Lida Group     2022-01-20

Box assembly and wall panel installation 1. Put the assembled bottom frame on the level ground, fix the 4 uprights in the corresponding position with hexagon socket head screws, and lift the Put the assembled top frame above the column and fix it with hexagon socket head bolts, measure the verticality of the column (≦3mm), fasten the bolts, and put the column insulation cotton into the column;
2. Install the wall Bottom bracket, wall panel bottom groove and lining; the wall bottom bracket is cut and folded as shown in the figure below, and the wall panel bottom groove is placed in place, fixed with ST4.2*50 flat dovetail wire, and the wall bottom lining is placed in the bottom 3. Install the downspout, the length of the downspout is 2550mm, the remaining part is cut as the bottom fixing sleeve, and fixed with M4.8*16 round head drill tail wire. 4. Paste the sealing tape along the inner side of the column and the top beam, and prepare to install the wall panel piece. The inner coat of the doors and windows overlaps, and the nails can be nailed.
7. Fix the lower L piece of the wall panel from the inside of the box, connect the wall panel and the steel column with a corner liner at the corner, and fix it with two long and two short self-tapping screws. 8. Use ST3.2*20 to fix the skirting line, the corner edge only needs to be hooked on the lining, no nails are required. 9. The wires are gathered in the corner of the box, and holes are made on the edge of the corner to install sockets and switches. The construction site dormitory installation container house is actually the same as the construction site. The installation of the container dormitory room is actually the same as building a building. First of all, the surrounding and partition walls of the installation site should be leveled. The best material used in leveling is reinforced concrete. It is strong and sturdy; secondly, the pillars are erected, and the skeletons are connected by transverse beams; then the floor is laid, and if multiple layers are required, continue to be installed upwards, and then the roof trusses and roof panels are installed after fixing them; finally, the doors and windows, Pull vertical support and other components, and install the necessary hardware for supporting sanitary ware. Quality and safety inspection Since the container mobile house is a light steel structure, it is similar to a heavy steel structure factory during installation. Therefore, during the construction process of the mobile house, each process will be covered by the next process, so many parts cannot be Check. In view of this, after the basic part of the mobile house is installed, it is necessary to carefully check whether each place is firmly connected to ensure the quality and safety of the mobile house.

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