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Installation method and introduction of prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-01-23

Prefab house is a new type of environmentally friendly building that is widely used at present, and is used extremely frequently in some industries, such as the construction industry. Basically, all construction workers live in prefabricated houses, which are very convenient, and also in some disaster-stricken areas. For example, in the Yingjiang area of u200bu200bJapan, it is widely used. The other is some temporary housing for warehouses or other purposes. It can be said that a span of prefab house applications is very large. Also because of these functions of the prefab house, it has a wide range of applications and a large span. Therefore, the demand is also high, which leads to the rapid development of the current prefabricated houses. The functions and indicators of the prefab house are also getting higher and higher. Of course, people's requirements for such a residence are getting higher and higher. After all, development and demand are synchronized, and the development of products is determined according to the needs of the market, and prefab houses are no exception. As a product of a new era, it is bound that some functions of prefab houses are very different from those used in traditional buildings, such as the way of installation, which is also the most different feature. The installation procedure of the prefab house is as follows: flatten the surrounding and partition wall foundations, preferably reinforced concrete, which is relatively strong; vertical columns, connect the skeleton with transverse beams, upper partitions, external wall panels and door and window frames; Follow the laying of the floor, and then install a layer up, then install the roof truss and roof panels; finally install doors and windows, etc., and pull the vertical support. There are sanitary ware, hardware and the like. Of course, when these are completed, some concealed projects must be done, so that the prefab house we use will be more convenient and practical. It can be said that the prefab house is a product of the development of an era and a product of social needs. With the characteristics of high construction efficiency, convenience and speed, bright colors and high practicability, it has formed an impact on the current architectural model to a large extent, played a good influence, and promoted the development of society. It is an indispensable progress. It is also believed that this kind of architecture will continue to play a good role in promoting in the future.

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