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Integrated housing choice of plate and guidelines for the safe use of matters needing attention

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
Integrated housing choice of plate and guidelines for the safe use of note

for customer security, integrated housing should choose high quality roofing sheet, and safe use.

the current selection of housing there are a lot of face plate, color steel plate is one of a kind of common material. Mainly include single choi steel, sandwich color steel plate, rock wool board, foam board, etc. , if integrated houses built on the environment is dry, it is recommended to use where there is less water and single panel, it has very good heat insulation effect; If it is in damp environment, more rain zone should use foam board, because of its good waterproof and moistureproof sex, can guarantee the moist atmosphere of the house; If appear in the fire place easily, * panel with rock wool board as an integration of houses, its fire prevention performance is *, also have the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation, a * of select material, is also to a wide range of applications. Of course besides choi steel can also use a glass, wood as the panel, but poor plasticity of glass, not suitable for non-standard houses, wooden panel prone to fire, water proofing property is poor, is not very suitable for as a long-term home to live.

for research and development of this kind of house is in trial stage, has not yet truly can be accepted by the general public, to various aspects technology matures, then can make the house panel standard definition, believe that the future development of integrated housing will get further development, will replace the traditional housing, become a new type of green house.

1, fire prevention

fire prevention is the most important, the damage of fire is *, fire still consider controllable. Mobile home to fire prevention, first is indoor circuit design is reasonable, there can be no short circuit phenomenon; In the activity cannot use high-power electrical appliances in the room, or be careful; Fire control facilities are equipped with, also accord with the related provisions on fire control safety.

2, windproof

although trailer can resist a certain level of the wind, but still pay attention to the wind, can't install the trailer in high position, need to get a regular job.

3, waterproof

waterproof mainly flood water, debris flow, landslide, such as rain cause a short circuit, selection of protective measures or in the trailer, installation, design.

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