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Integrated housing to popularize and apply

by:Lida Group     2020-07-03
Integrated housing to popularize and apply the

integrated manufacturer of house trailer is introduced by forming choi steel and aluminum in temporary housing. And then through the pipe, gas pipe, the power cord, you can check in. Abroad, everywhere can see prefabricated houses, prefabricated houses is the biggest advantage of low cost and environmental protection, only 1% of the same area of housing - 10%, an ordinary residents housing need 10 months or more than one year, and only a day or two to build such a mobile home is enough. In the Sydney Olympic Games of the superiority of this type of housing are almost to an extreme.

in the UK, prefabricated houses become the hope of working. British real estate over the years has always been a strong, the newly built housing demand is the direct cause. According to a British building society statistics show that in 2005 the national new housing to its lowest level since 1924, the total annual new housing will only meet a quarter of families need, while most of the housing is meet the needs of the high-income people. To ease the housing crisis, the government to 'sell' light steel micro prefabricated houses, prefabricated houses in this area is not large, only 35 square meters. But the function is all ready, the bedroom is equipped with double as folding table, storage tank inside the kitchen oven, electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine, everything is complete.

in the United States, the mobile home is the home of the car flow. American popular walking behind a car that can be dragged on the activities of the housing. It is actually a bedroom, a mobile home. The house looks very simple, there is a rectangular trailer body, length is about 17 m, width is about 5 m. Although the volume is not large, but according to the requirement of the different space inside the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen and so on. 'The sparrow is small, all-sided'.

foreign prefabricated houses generally ranging from 10 to 300 kilometers, transportation radius radius due to transportation restrictions, must have enough branches to ensure that its leasing business running fast. French ALGECO in nine European countries has 89 branches, seven production base, more than 1600 employees; General motors has branches all over the world. Huge capital scale, technology strength, the sales network, transport system is to ensure that the company normal operation and competition of the powerful weapon.

foreign prefabricated houses except for overlay on the industry site temporary occupancy, also including commercial offices, shops, laboratory; Used in industrial workshop; Used in public buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and kindergartens For tourism tourist villas, motels, hotels, restaurants, Used in traditional construction of the civil residence and so on.

the integration of domestic housing is gradually recognized, many development, real estate developers, scenic spots, the new rural construction, personal value this very have advantages of products, the rapid promotion of integrated housing has been a highlight in the field of new material and construction of this century.

the future integrated housing will make full use of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, form a truly self-sufficient green houses.

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