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Introduces container trailer rental and leasing of three ways

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
Introduces container house rental and leasing the three ways of

introduces container house rental and leasing the three ways of

container leasing refers to container leasing companies and the lessee, generally for liner shipping companies, transportation companies, such as railway, highway, signed an agreement, the container by means of long-term or short-term lease give the lessee a lease. During the term of agreement, housing is managed by the lessee to use, the lessee is responsible for housing repairs and maintenance, make sure to avoid loss. Box also agreement expires, the lessee to specify yard container leasing company.

yard to damage the cabinet according to the technical standards specified in the agreement to repair, repair costs borne by the lessee. The lessee shall, in accordance with the agreement to the container leasing company honour of return fee and rent.

container leasing for container leasing, the leasing mode can be divided into three categories: 1. Period rent container period can be divided into long-term lease and short-term lease in two ways. Long-term leases generally refers to have a longer lease term, while short-term lease according to the need to rent the container date, time is short. 2. Rent container cheng cheng including one-way two ways and the charges of this lease. With more than a one-way rental on the charges for the same route supply imbalance, that is, from one-way use container port of shipment to the port of destination; Charges of the lease is usually used for the charges to have the balance freight routes. 3. Flexible leasing container leasing way similar to a long-term lease on cost, on the use of similar to short-term lease, flexible use. This way of rental lease usually for one year. In container freight volume is big, operating more routes and the charges under the condition of unbalanced freight volume, easy to adapt to change, can adopt this way of leasing is a valuable way of lease.
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