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Introducing the sought-after prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-13

Introduction to the sought-after prefab house

When the transaction is reached, the prefab house will send the prefab house to you on the same day, and you can pay for the goods by bank transfer; online payment, In addition, we will also provide high-quality after-sales service. If you have any other questions, please call the contact number.

The integrated housing is located in Guangdong Province and has an advantageous geographical location. The prefabricated houses supplied by the company are mainly for residential purposes, and the main service area is Zengcheng, Guangdong. In order to meet the needs of users around the world, our prefab houses have expanded supply and sales to surrounding areas.

Integrated housing has been taking the city as the main industrial base for many years, continuously optimizing and integrating industrial resources, and has formed a building material supply chain in most parts of the country. In order to facilitate the purchase of customers, the prefabricated houses produced by our company are generally sold in the form of wholesale; retail, and the products are delivered by land transportation; water transportation.

Sale and construction of mobile homes, cost-effective construction of mobile homes, low-cost construction of mobile homes, supply manufacturers of mobile homes, Zengcheng built mobile homes We focus, so we are professional.

Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, manufacturing and sales of new building materials products. The integrated house is located at No. 2, Zhuxian Road, Xiancun Town, Zengcheng City, a city with convenient transportation.

The following articles explain in detail, the preferential construction of prefabricated houses, the supply and sale of prefabricated houses, and the relevant information of low-priced sale of prefabricated houses, please save and collect.

Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a self-employed professional supplying and constructing prefabricated houses. The company has been adhering to the principle of customer first since its establishment, and strives to build the company into a leading brand in the field of door and window hardware. Through years of hard work, our products are exported to Guangdong with high-quality products and good service, and are well-known in decoration enterprises. We are willing to cooperate with more demanders for mutual benefit. Our address is No. 2, Zhuxian Road, Xiancun Town, Zengcheng City.

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