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Introduction of mobile home manufacturers with good reputation

by:Lida Group     2022-03-05

Introduction of mobile home manufacturers with good reputation

Once the customer places an order for the mobile home (square) provided by the integrated house for decoration enterprises, the company will make a bank transfer and online payment after payment. It will be shipped within the same day, and the shipping cost will be borne by the seller. Please pay attention to the logistics details in time after placing the order. If the product has non-artificial quality problems during use, please contact us and we will provide a full range of after-sales services.

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Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, manufacture and sales of new building materials products. At present, the main products are mobile houses. The integrated house is located at No. 2, Zhuxian Road, Xiancun Town, Zengcheng City, a city with convenient transportation.

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Decoration companies can wholesale according to what I provide; Buy mobile homes in retail and other ways. Our company address: No. 2, Zhuxian Road, Xiancun Town, Zengcheng City. After the purchase, you can conduct the transaction of the product through bank transfer; online payment.

Integrated housing adheres to people-oriented, cultivates the core competitiveness of the enterprise, wins by quality, and ensures the good reputation of the brand. The mobile housing supplied has the purpose of living in use, and is widely accepted by the market, with customers all over the world. In all parts of Zengcheng, Guangdong, mobile homes have good publicity and sales as soon as they are listed.

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