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Introduction to containers have what advantage?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-25
Container is not simply the delivery of the goods is the effect, still can undertake containers, containers and modified can be called living containers, its general approach to decorate, not just the internal decoration and traditional houses are no different, and external decoration can and traditional houses. The container for hotel, container for home stay facility would be all right. Because the container will be used for transporting goods, its exterior and interior are relatively coarse humble, but its beautiful sex after design is to pure beauty. Retrofit design of the container have what advantage? A: it can also adapt to local conditions, low cost and high flexibility. Saving money can be used to decorate internal external structure. Two: strength container itself has a high strength, can bear more load than ordinary buildings, and also has anti-corrosion performance. Have certain ability of fire. Three: low cost cheaper than traditional architecture, construction speed, can be repeated use and won't cause too much construction waste. Container of low cost, and has the advantages of high mobility. 3: due to the size of the container itself is a fixed size, each container can be used as a single building or a building unit module, simplifies the construction process, easy assembly and disassembly. Four: environmental protection containers have environmental protection function, save time and effort, and flexible. Have more options than traditional housing. In the event of dispute or natural disaster, its mobility is a major advantage, can reduce the damage to property.
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