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Introduction to houses on fire control safety - need to be aware of several aspects Shack, trailer, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24
Small make up today to talk about the houses on fire control safety considerations, every building fire safety is the best preventive measures, guangzhou houses when designing buildings, will be strictly in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, carry out, such as the 'code for fire protection design of buildings' and 'technical specification for construction engineering construction site fire safety such as the national standard specification requirements. To do well fire safety will be starting from the source. Earnestly implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the fire control safety consciousness, the user completes the fire safety training, raise awareness. Strengthen the daily fire safety management of guangdong houses, houses during the live to ban the use of high-power electrical appliances, household in timely cut off all power when you leave the room, the room is prohibited to use open flame, cannot be houses as a kitchen and transformer room, especially the flammable and explosive of the warehouse. Once a fire will be more difficult to control. Second, the installation of electrical circuit inside the room must conform to the requirements of the specification, we can't literally arrangement. Note that all wires should be Ming fu instead of dark set, and set on fire. The lamps and lanterns and the wall inside the room to keep a safe distance, lighting type fluorescent lamp should use electronic ballast, cannot use the coil inductance ballasts, when the wire through the caigang sandwich board wall, must be set to non-combustible, can each device are qualified leakage maintenance installed and short circuit overload switch. If choose guangzhou houses as a dormitory, doors and Windows should be open to the outside, do measures for fire safety, the location of the bed with a certain space, avoid too intense. In addition also need a certain number of fire extinguishers, for a rainy day. Indoor fire hydrant installation, water flow and pressure to reach certain requirements. Log on to our website for more details: http://www. /中/
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