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Introduction to light steel structural trailer - Trailer, the trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-10-18
As the importance of guangzhou mobile in social more and more big, guangzhou mobile also produce all kinds of types. Light steel construction is one of the money for the people's favor of guangzhou mobile home. Light steel structure types of guangzhou mobile mainly has the following characteristics: structural: wall has good aseismic capacity as well as prescribed by ritual law resistance; Lightweight floor can vary depending on the design load capacity, maximum load of 500 kg load per square meter; Anticorrosive: according to the research of the related data analysis showed that aluminum zinc plating layer in the indoor environment life far longer than we require that the structure of the life, the longest can reach more than 200; Even in bad plank between ventilation environment, also can achieve the 75 predicted life. Fire retardancy: in terms of paint, and composite materials, use some fire retardancy good use, to ensure that the whole fire prevention performance reach the requirements of the prefabricated houses. Moisture resistance: the outer wall by using one-way breathing paper to prevent moisture and is poisonous substances into the atmosphere. In terms of moisture, also specially to use plasterboard of wall. Sound insulation sex: in order to provide sound insulation effect, exterior wall is adopted fill glass cotton to prevent the spread of sound in air. Energy-saving: through the specialized design, the heat conduction and heat storage was improved for houses, thus reducing the use of energy. Learn more about guangzhou mobile information, please visit: WWW. Gzkeda。 cn
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