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Introduction to live one container insurance have what characteristic

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
Live one container insurance is insurance. This risk can be insured container itself, also can cover the responsibility of the container, include all of the container and the responsibility of the renter, can also be so the container shipping port of the carrier, the operating and other trustee for the container goods damage compensate responsibility. For container transport of danger and responsibility, to insurance policy coverage alone, also can use the same policy of induction. Punctual container insurance is insurance. Container insurance usually punctual, because a lot of containers as an insurance policy, together with the container and as frequently as a ship, punctual insurance is suitable for the characteristics of container shipping. About good counter one container analysis insurance limit. Insured for damage to or loss of container or okada container making counter against the third party liability constraint counter limit. Together, in order to avoid the small, frequent claims, container insurance usually choose franchise. Container insurance policy usually do not transfer. Because of the container is usually not as business items, together with the insurance and is often rich in liability insurance, therefore, the container insurance policy is usually not transferable.
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