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Introduction to the basic precautions of the mobile room

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

Introduction to Precautions for the Foundation of Prefab Houses

The level of the foundation: when pouring the foundation, be sure to measure the level first, after the foundation pouring is completed , the horizontal error is controlled within 10mm. When explaining to Party A or after the foundation is completed, Party A is required to ensure that the foundation level is within the error range, otherwise, it will affect the installation of the prefabricated house or the quality after installation, and Party A is responsible for it.

Concrete label: The foundation of the standard board house is C20. Under normal circumstances, there is no steel bar in it. If there are special terrain, foundation or special board house, the drawing of the technical department shall prevail.

Foundation pouring time: The foundation pouring of the slab house should be the same as the conventional concrete pouring process, and the process procedure cannot be reduced. Sufficient time should be allowed between the completion of the foundation pour and the installation of the panel house to ensure that the concrete reaches the specified hardness.

Requirement: In order to ensure the installation period, installation quality and clean and beautiful after installation, our company requires Party A to pour the indoor floor at the same time as making the foundation. The height is the same as the foundation. After the installation of the prefabricated house, Party A can lay the floor indoors, which is convenient and tidy, and will not affect the quality and appearance of the prefabricated house. The level of the indoor floor should be 50mm higher than the basic level. In order to ensure that rainwater will not flow into the interior and the firmness of the ground ring beam.

Foundation technical parameters of composite panel house:

It is required that Party A's foundation live load is 500KG/㎡, static load 350 KG/㎡ Foundation Concrete Label: C20

1. Phosphorus-magnesium prefabricated house: Phosphorus-magnesium prefabricated house belongs to light steel structure, and the wall adopts Phosphorus-magnesia sandwich composite panel covered with colored steel plate. The board is made of polystyrene core.

2. Color steel plate prefab house: The color steel plate prefab house belongs to light steel structure, and the wall is made of color steel plate covered with polyethylene foam sandwich composite board. It has the unique effect of waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and anticorrosion. These are widely used in the market today.

3. Rock wool board activity room: The rock wool board activity room belongs to the light steel structure, and the wall is covered with colored steel plate with rock wool or wave fiber sandwich composite board. It has the unique effect of waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and anticorrosion. This kind of price is more expensive, so the market is less used at present.

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