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Introduction to the classification of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
Introduction to the classification of container house

container house is trailer upgrade products, due to the various characteristics of its own, slowly replaced the mobile application in the market, using the field is very wide, whether in where, a new building is tall.

of course, because use different, varieties of container trailer would be more rich, then we will to comb, a comprehensive understanding of this product. mainly divided into three categories, the first kind is a container in the reconstruction of traditional container room; The shipping containers; The second type is a new welding box-type trailer; The third kind is container house. or you may be familiar with the first kind, is to use the container into a container house, this is for waste containers using again and characteristics are very strong, generally only used for a particular occasion. Welding trailer is popular in recent years, the second category of new container living people, because of its technology is close to the first kind of containers, which some call it the container trailer, the technical standard below containers, container room features is the most convenient transportation, installation, move, and the cost is low, life in more than ten years, return on investment is higher, the using range is wide, the heaven and earth caigang container trailer is one of the typical, widely used in construction site as a temporary mobile home, there are shops, factory warehouse, mobile box, mobile toilet, and so on. These three kinds of different container purpose, combined are decided according to customer's different USES, welcome friends from all walks of life according to your need to customize the container trailer, quality assurance, beautiful atmosphere, solve your different needs.
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