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Introduction to the housing construction after the completion of the acceptance of work

by:Lida Group     2020-10-21
When the housing after the installation is the need for acceptance of work, what is the purpose of the acceptance of work? Is check whether the project completion is qualified one step, this also is the final step in the construction engineering, and put into use after acceptance of the housing to normal. Houses are used to place to live, if you can safe use this relationship to the personal safety and property safety. If problem found in the inspection and acceptance, timely solve, avoid unnecessary things to happen. Acceptance of work is the construction group to a full self inspections of finished products, team self-checking should be PuJian, solve the problems in the process of self-check, known as leak fill a vacancy. For team of qualified self-checking, fill in the self-inspection record and report to supervisor. Manager will be based on the introspection, organize relevant personnel to check acceptance. Attention is the combination of inspection acceptance should be PuJian and sampling, to check out the problem, should timely notify the shift processing, precise qualified after it signed by director and related personnel prefabricated houses receiving report, as a team and settlement of wages, housing the basis of a completed installation. Small projects shall be determined by the competent ( Medium project by the installation manager, large project of the company and the production manager) Invite users to a completion acceptance between party b and the relevant staff. To party a's questions, respectively according to specific situation. After qualified to handle the completion of the acceptance certificate.
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