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Is Lida Group a trading company or a factory?
Lida Group has always been committed to becoming one of the world's leading companies, and has become a recognized supplier of porta cabin . It has a large factory for production. It is equipped with advanced machines to ensure better production. With complete equipment, it can offer a more affordable price for the products you want.

Lida Group is strong enough to provide the most thoughtful service and the top container house. The container house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product is durable enough. It can be repeatedly sterilized many times without fear of damaging the surfaces or cutting edges. Thanks to its modular design, this product is easy to install. By centering on quality of glass green house, Lida Group has won many long-term cooperation customers. It is strong enough and can stand up to 100/km per hour strong wind.

All the staff of our team will make unremitting efforts, and bravely climb the peak of glass green house industry. Get more info!
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